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Patient satisfaction surveys play an important role in measuring the quality of healthcare services. They also found their place in the announcement made by the Minister of Health made on the 28th of October 2015 on accreditation standards for the provision of health services, and the functioning of medical entities performing invasive surgical procedures.


Conducting satisfaction surveys among patients, including those performed a few weeks after leaving the institution, significantly increases the chances of a medical center receiving accreditation, which entitles it to reduce the insurance sum of its hospital beds by 10%.


In order to obtain the maximum number of points, it is necessary to cyclically (once a year) carry out research that is in line in scope with all current standards and to implement the results to improve the quality of the services provided. Importantly, research should be carried out by an external entity with relevant experience.


With this in mind, we offer comprehensive services realizing patient satisfaction surveys based on measurements conducted through telephone interviews or with mixed methods (e.g. paper or computer-assisted interviews for current dialysis patients, phone-based ones for discharged ones).


Our measurements are in line with the standards set by the Minister of Health and may be extended to include additional items that need to be assessed as part of the accreditation process, which will significantly increase the chances of obtaining a certificate.


Our research is carried out using our proprietary research platform, which provides comprehensive support for all types of research and enables strict control over the whole measurement.

More information about our platform can be found on our dedicated website:

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