eCRF is a web based software designeg to collect data via internet. Our product, that was originally desiged for medical research enables many users to enter and overwiev data simultaneously.

eCRF specifics and features:


  • general assumption:
    • each doctor/researcher/entry pearson can only see his patients or assigned study center
    • each monitor can only see patients and study center asiigned to his account
  • communication system-user via standard internet browser:
    • Access to all collected data 24/7
  • Data monitoring and validation:
    • Overwiev of all collected data
    • Statistics of the data collected (tables, graphs)
    • Statistics of the study progress
  • Userfriendly interface composed of:
    • Entry box (numeric data, small texts)
    • Binary radibutton (Yes/No)
    • Binary checkbox (check/uncheck)
    • Radiobutton choice (vertical, horisontal)
    • Dropdown list choice
    • Comment box (large box for text entry)
  • Data entry validation (if defined by administrator in response to client needs):
    • Missing data
    • Acceptable range of numeric data and dates
  • Database export:
    • Data export to XLSX or CSV format


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Bartosz Olcha
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