eCRF is a web based software designeg to collect data via internet. Our product, that was originally desiged for medical research enables many users to enter and overwiev data. Main eCRF features:


General assumption:

  • each doctor/researcher/entry pearson can only see his patients or assigned study center
  • each monitor can only see patients and study center asiigned to his account


Communication system-user via standard internet browser:

  • Access to all collected data 24/7


Data monitoring and validation:

  • Overwiev of all collected data
  • Statistics of the data collected (tables, graphs)
  • Statistics of the study progress
  • Printing filled case report forms
  • Printing AE/SAE forms
  • Audit trail - value change tracking tool
  • Data query - verifying questionable entry with investigator
  • Mailing - notification of a certain event (e.g. adverse event)


Internal mail - exchange of messages among eCRF users

Double data entry – parralel entry method that enables verifying

Userfriendly interface composed of:

  • Entry box (numeric data, small texts)
  • Binary radibutton (Yes/No)
  • Binary checkbox (check/uncheck)
  • Radiobutton choice (vertical, horisontal)
  • Dropdown list choice
  • Comment box (large box for text entry)


Data entry validation (if defined by administrator in response to client needs):

  • Missing
  • Acceptable range of numeric data and dates


Data backup - automatic data backup

Database export:

  • Data export to XLSX or CSV format
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