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Collaboration with NSZZ Solidarność – psychosocial risk in the workplace

We are pleased to inform you about the participation of our team in the evaluation study on the final product developed within an innovative project implemented by NSZZ Solidarność in partnership with the Department of Psychology of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź.

Completion of the study for NSZZ Solidarność

Our experts have successfully completed the final product evaluation study within the innovative project, “The impact of improving psychosocial working conditions on the reduction of economic costs in companies undergoing modernization and adaptation processes – a research project.”

Employee satisfaction research at ZPUE Holding

We are beginning a new cooperation with the goal of performing a comprehensive analysis of employee satisfaction for ZPUE Holding.

A free tool that allows you to diagnose psychosocial risks at your place of work

We would like to inform you about the completion of work conducted by our experts, on a free and automatic tool that diagnoses the possibility of occurrence of psychosocial risks at your workplace. 

Integral Project – a new approach to organizational development

We would like to inform you that our company has started a partnership with Dr. Tomasz Skalski and the Leon Kozminski Academy on a project aimed at supporting management and organizational methods in enterprises.

Satisfaction survey of the employees of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

We are pleased to announce the completion of the UKNF’s staff satisfaction survey, which we launched in December 2014.

Competence and satisfaction analysis at the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k. law firm.

On behalf of the largest Polish independent law firm, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k., we’ve started a research project that consists of a survey of the company’s employees’ competency (360 degree research) and of an employee satisfaction analysis.

Employee satisfaction survey at the Institute of Aviation

We have had the pleasure of working with the Institute of Aviation in terms of providing them with comprehensive employee satisfaction research, to support their ability to meet their academic ambitions.

Kredyt Inkaso S.A. is now one of our clients!

Another company present on the GPW decided to use our research offer.

Collaboration with Lear Corporation

This year we begun work with Lear Corporation. We are currently conducting employee satisfaction research within their Polish factories.

HR Research

HR Research conducted by our company aims to identify your employees’ profiles according to their psychographic characteristics. We verify the interpersonal skills of your crew, and thus their adaptability to the work environment.

Information obtained during this study may be used to:

  • Gain knowledge about the needs and capabilities of your employees;
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your management;
  • Properly use your employees’ potential;
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement;
  • Optimize your employee recruitment and selection;
  • Properly adapt the training and incentive system to stimulate development;
  • Properly plan career paths;
  • Gain knowledge about the company’s organizational culture;
  • Identify factors that require changes and improvements.


Methods used in HR research


HR research is carried out using both paper-based (PAPI) and online (CAWI) techniques. This choice depends on your employees’ abilities, for example, on their age and computer skills. In each case we provide the highest possible anonymity standards.

At the same time, in order to conduct HR research we use psychological and social tests, and the results are subject to a professional psychometric analysis.


Please contact us for more details on our offer.

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